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"How much will it cost to renovate my house?" This is a common question, especially for new homeowners or those undergoing first-time renovations. It definitely makes sense to know how much the various works can cost, so you can plan according to your budget.


1) Hacking Of Walls

This may just be the first thing you consider. It could be to join two bedrooms to create a larger space with an adjoining walk-in wardrobe, or to replace solid walls with lighter, sleeker partitions, or simply creating that open-plan layout. Hacking of a single wall in a HDB flat or apartment costs between $400 and $900, depending on the length, thickness and the area to be removed.


2) New Flooring

You might not like the floor finishes that come with your place, or they just won’t suit the design of your dream home. There are many new designs for tiles out there, some even replicating the look of wood or stone. New tiles cost between $6,500 to $9,000 depending on the size of the unit (for example, three-room or five-room), including the labour for laying of tiles and the necessary foundation below.


3) Carpentry / Fitting-out Works

No home is complete without the essentials such as the kitchen carpentry, or even built-in wardrobes and storage. Kitchen carpentry (excluding appliances) can cost above $8,000 for a medium-sized space. That is, if you were to have an unconventional or more personalised design, with the use of more expensive materials for your countertop, such as granite instead of solid surface. Your kitchen layout is also a factor. Wardrobe fitting-out costs from $320 per foot run. This depends on the design and mechanisms – for example sliding or soft-closing tracks – to be used, as well as the internal finishing.


4) By area

If you haven’t yet determined to what extent you are renovating, a good estimate is to set aside at least $100 per sqf, area wise. The cost varies according to factors like your design, requirements and materials used. However, don’t forget the other components such as loose furniture, soft furnishings, lighting fixtures, window treatments, electrical appliances and sanitary ware and fittings.



The white PVC laminated plywood/block board is a decorative board in which a thin layer of PVC sheet is laminated on either sides of the plywood/block board. The white PVC laminated plywood/block board is often used in cabinets, table tops and shelves etc, since the layer of PVC makes it easier to clean the surface.

Our white PVC laminated plywood / block board comes in either one sided or both sided lamination, available in standard dimension (4’ x 8’, 1220mm x 2440mm) or cut to size.

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Different Types of Material used for carpentry work
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