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We are providing a carpentry price list for standard carpentry works so that our customer can have an idea of what to expect when you engage us.


For other renovation quotation, please contact our Sales Team for estimate.

The pricing listed is based on the starting rate for our basic carpentry work.


Carpentry prices are dependent on varies factors such as the cost of materials, the amount of man hours and the complexity of design.


Our carpentry works include the following standard specifications:

All carpentry is finished with standard laminates

All carpentry will have white internal PVC by default

All carpentry carcasses are constructed with plywood for strength

Most doors are made with block board for durability

All doors will come with ABS trimming

All casement doors come with soft-closing hinges by default

All drawers come with black standard full extension runner by default

You can request for alternative specifications. The following are some example of carpentry specification that we have upgraded according to our client

Using veneer finishes instead of laminate finishes

Opting Polyurethane or PU sprayed finishes

Using solid wood instead of plywood

Upgrading to woodgrain PVC or color internal Polyester 

Pairing with additional finishing materials such as glass, mirror or stainless steel

Using aluminium trimmings or frames

Using marine plywood for even greater resistance to moisture exposure Upgrading for branded & imported mechanisms and parts such as BLUM (tandem boxes, runners and hinges) or HAFELE (sliding door mechanism)

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